‘This year I was captivated by We Go Wandering at Night and Are Consumed by Fire (Sidekick Books), in which poet Rowyda Amin and illustrator Hetti McArthur conjure a sensual journey through a furtively futuristic cityscape.’              Naomi Foyle, Morning Star Online

‘The twenty poems in this pamphlet are very promising, now I am looking forward to Rowyda Amin’s first full collection, I hope it will be available soon.’
Agnes Marton, The Ofi Press, Issue 39

‘Rowyda Amin… specialises in controlled fantasies … By any token these are outstanding.’
Alan Brownjohn, Poetry Review, Volume 100:4

‘Her poetry is unusual in that it offers a completely fluid position with regards to race, culture and sexuality. Filled with black humour, it offers the reader the possibility of exploring identity outside the usual boxes of cultural certainty, representing a voice which belongs to many in multicultural Britain, but which is not often expressed in poetry. This is not so much the voice of the outsider but rather the voice of the chameleon.’
Dr Nathalie Teitler, Wasafiri, Issue 64

‘[There is] force in Rowyda Amin’s authoritative surrealism’.
Poetry Book Society Bulletin,
Issue 226