We go Wandering at Night and are Consumed by Fire

WGW front cover - draft

My new poetry book from Sidekick Books is a collaboration with London-based visual artist Heather McArthur. The poem and illustrations tell the story of a journey through a dark, mysterious city.

The project was initiated by the editors at Sidekick Books, and Heather and I worked together remotely, living on opposite sides of the Atlantic and exchanging words and images over the internet.  We developed a joint vision early on through conversations by email and Skype, and then worked simultaneously, each in her own medium, to make that vision real, exchanging our work as we completed it. We never met in person until the book launch in London. I loved working on this project and I feel proud of what we created together.

Below are two glimpses into the book, showing my words and Heather’s vibrant, atmospheric images.

Page of We Go Wandering


Page from We Go Wandering2jpg