Reading at Curley’s Diner, Stamford CT

I’ll be reading from Desert Sunflowers at Stamford’s  Curley’s Diner on May 5th, as part of the Poem Alley reading and discussion series organized by the poet, teacher and local poetry hero Ralph Nazareth.

The poetry crowd at Curley’s, mostly poets themselves, is always welcoming and enthusiastic and I’m looking forward to reading for them.

Curley’s Poets / 2015

Rowyda Amin

at Curley’s Diner in Stamford

62 West Park Place. Stamford, CT (203) 348 2020

May 5, 2015

7:30 p.m.

All are welcome.

Desert Sunflowers

My twenty-poem chapbook, Desert Sunflowers, is out now from flipped eye. You can get it in the UK and in the USA.

A little sample:

 9 Carrot Poem

Troubling glint – swallowed goldfish

confer sub rosa.

Chrysanthemum lanterns illuminate

a silent house.

The jeunesse dorée, pinkies out,

sip ochre marmalade.

Tigers in straw

ambush martian minotaur.

Gilded girls sleep in rows,

under green lace and dandelion.

Goldbugs turn dung beetle, dig

pyritic coprolites.

Ginger-headed mummies pickle

in mandarin vats.

Votives of haw and amber

kindle under ground.

Hennaed hands torch

like Van Gogh’s beard.